Experience A Thrilling Real-Life Escape At Uptown Escapes

Uptown Escapes

If you love searching for clues and solving puzzles, you need to try Uptown Escapes. Uptown Escapes has two main escape rooms, plus second chance games for those who didn’t make it out in time before. Of course, you won’t need a second chance if you follow some tips to make it out before the hour is up.

Form the Best Team

These rooms accommodate two to eight people, and the more, the better. While you can certainly try to escape with two people, your chance for success will be much greater if you have eight. Not any eight will do, though. You need to form the right team.

Escape rooms require a variety of skill sets. Because of that, you don’t want to go in with eight analytical thinkers. You need eight people who think differently so everyone can help the team get to the end. Some people even like to bring their kids along since kids see things so much differently.

It’s Not Linear

When people go through an escape room for the first time, they typically try to work in a linear fashion. They find a clue and assume it will lead to the next clue, but that’s not always the case. You might find a clue at the beginning that you won’t use until the end. Organization is very important during these games. Keep your clues together and reference them during various parts of the game. You never know when you might need a clue that you found earlier, so always check back.

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Ask for Help

A staff member will watch your every move from a video screen, and he or she will provide you with clues as needed. You can only get three clues, though, so don’t ask until you really need it. If you are stuck and don’t think you can get out, turn to the monitor and ask for help. The clues are typically very straightforward and will help you move forward in the room.

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