Try Out Delicious BBQ In The Gaffney Area


You love barbecue, but you’re a little picky. You don’t want to go to just any spot. You want to sink your teeth into the best barbecue in the Gaffney area. Check out these three spots, and your search will finally be over. You’ll finally know which spots stand out from the crowd.

Daddy Joe’s Beach House BBQ and Grill

Daddy Joe’s Beach House BBQ and Grill isn’t just a barbecue restaurant. It’s like a local hangout. Many of the same people come back day after day because the food is so good. The barbecue pork is perfectly cooked and seasoned, and it’s so full of flavor you’ll want to take some home with you. Then, there’s the blackened chicken sandwich, the rotisserie turkey, and so much more. You’ll love working your way through the menu.

And Daddy Joe’s Beach House BBQ and Grill doesn’t just excel when it comes to the food. It also has a great atmosphere. It has a beachy feel to it, and it’s so relaxed that you’ll want to stay awhile and just hang out.

Granddaddy’s BBQ

In the mood for some ribs? Head straight to Granddaddy’s BBQ, and you’ll get to eat some of the best in Gaffney. The ribs are perfectly smoked, and they fall off the bone. They are also super meaty, so a rack will fill you up without any issues. That doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself gnawing at the bone, trying to get a little more meat off. They are so addicting that you won’t be able to stop yourself.

The ribs are the standout dish, but there are other tasty items here too. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything you don’t like.

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Carolina Café

The Carolina Café might not have a lot of barbecue options, but the ones it does have are worth the trip. You can choose from baby back ribs or killer shrimp. Shrimp doesn’t sound like a barbecue dish, right? Well, it’s wrapped in bacon and smothered in barbecue sauce, so it sure is. Can’t decide which one? Get the Killer Combo. Then you’ll get a half order of each.

Word to the wise: get here a little early. It’s very popular and can get crowded. It’s best to go at an off time so you don’t have to wait very long.

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