Toys, Games, and Trains at the Kings Mountain Historical Museum

Toys, Games & Trains

With the Kings Mountain Historical Museum right by Shelby, NC, there is never a need to drive far for a day of educational fun for you and the family. Its upcoming event, “Toys, Games, & TRAINS!” is sure to be all the fun your children (and you) can handle between interactive features and amazing model train displays.

Where and When

The “Toys, Games, & TRAINS!” exhibit will be on display starting Nov. 18 and go until Dec. 1, giving you several weeks to enjoy it. It is right in the Kings Mountain Historical Museum, which you have hopefully already visited at 100 East Mountain Street in Kings Mountain. You can visit the exhibit during the museum’s regular hours these days, which are from Tuesday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

What to Expect

This is an annual exhibit, so if you have gone in previous years, expect a variation of the same exciting thing with enough differences to still make it exciting. The museum will be filled up with a range of model train displays. The Piedmont “S” Gaugers assemble these displays with careful detail. In addition, there are plenty of antique games and toys on display plus various railroad memorabilia.

Interactive for All Ages

No matter your age, you will fall in love with the exhibit. You can admire the snow-covered scenes with their fine detail or adjust the interactive features like the mailbag pickup, hot air balloons, carousel, and chocolate factory. Kids will be caught up in the magic of the trains and displays. Meanwhile, parents and grandparents will love reminiscing about their childhood toys or even visits to a similar display in previous years. You will definitely want to bring along your camera; you are likely to see some toy, board game, cowboy memorabilia, doll house, or set of marbles that reminds you of your childhood.

Visit the Museum Some Other Time

While you should definitely check out the “Toys, Games, & TRAINS!” exhibit, it is also worth heading to the Kings Mountain Historical Museum another time to appreciate the space and learn about the area. The museum was chartered as a nonprofit in 1986. It features exhibits, tours, and special events to educate the community while collecting, preserving, and interpreting history.

Other Upcoming Events

On Saturday, Dec. 2, you can attend “Spirit of Christmas Past” for free from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. This includes tours of the decorated Barber House, learning about historic Christmas celebrations, participating in demonstrations of traditional crafts, and the Christmas Parade. The following weekend, Santa Claus will be attending the “Toys, Games, & TRAINS!” exhibit, bringing along Mrs. Claus, who will read “The Night Before Christmas.”

No matter who you plan on taking with you to check out the trains and more at the Kings Mountain Historical Museum, the team at Renaldo Honda can help you find the right vehicle to get you there from your Shelby, NC, home.