Top Meal Delivery Service Near Shelby, NC

Meal Delivery Services

Every once in a while, you simply need a break from making food yourself or leaving the house to pick up food. You want to eat in the comfort of your own home without having to change out of your pajamas or get in your car. When this happens, meal delivery is the answer. Between Shelby, NC, and the surrounding areas, there are numerous options. If you don’t want to order from a national pizza chain, then consider ordering meals from Nourish.


Although Nourish is in Charlotte, it delivers to Shelby, as well, giving you some delicious food without any need to get out of your pajamas. If you are ready to plan ahead when it comes to having fresh meals on hand at home, Nourish can help. It prepares a range of vegan and gluten-free meals that are plant-sourced. It also only uses small quantities of sweeteners, all of which are low glycemic. For those who need to stay away from grains, there are options for that, as well. The menu changes every week, and you can check it out on Friday at noon. Then, you order by the following Thursday for food to be delivered the Monday or Tuesday after that. The result is fresh, delicious, and healthy food you can heat up whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

Getting Your Food

The thing to keep in mind about Nourish is that while it will gladly send meals to your home in Shelby, this is not a traditional food delivery service. Instead, it ships meals to you ahead of time. This is necessary because Shelby is technically outside of Nourish’s delivery zone, although not by much. But the company ships throughout North Carolina and other adjoining states, making it easy to plan ahead and never have to worry about making a meal.

Get a Meal Plan or Order À La Carte

The easiest way to take advantage of Nourish and have food on hand for when you don’t want to cook is with a meal plan. There are several options varying in price, including those for families, those for professionals, those for people who just want lunch, a cleanse, and one that specializes in variety. But if you don’t want to have that many prepared meals stored in your fridge at once, you can also order your meals a la carte. Just some choices include coffee, Bruks Bars, kombucha, carrot ginger tarts, herbal teas, smoothies, crackers, sides, and mains, like butternut macaroni and cheese.

Just because you have a reliable vehicle from Renaldo Honda doesn’t mean you will always want to drive it to go get food. We encourage you to take advantage of this convenient meal delivery service and drive around Shelby, North Carolina, only when you want.