Top Interesting Facts About Shelby, North Carolina!

The Bankers House Shelby North Carolina

Shelby, North Carolina is a small city located between Charlotte and Asheville. Despite being in a relatively quiet and isolated part of the state, the small town has lots of interesting history and facts that you may not have known. Below are a few interesting facts and highlights in and around this small out of the way town.

Fact #1: County Center

The town is the center of Cleveland County. You will find the Cleveland County Courthouse here as well as other county government buildings.

Fact#2: Historic Buildings & Neighborhoods

Despite being a town that is home to about 20,000 residents, it has lots of historic buildings and neighborhoods. Some of the historic buildings you can see here include the George Sperling House and Outbuildings, the Banker’s House, James Heyward Hull House and the O. Max Gardner House. Historic neighborhoods include Central Shelby, West Warren Street, and Belvedere Park.

Fact#3: Home Of A Legendary Country Musician

Famous country artist, Don Gibson was born in 1928 and grew up here. He is known for writing hit songs such as “Sweet Dreams” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” You can learn more about country icon Don Gibson at the Don Gibson Theater in his hometown. It is also a venue to catch live music.

Fact#4: Host Of The Cleveland County Fair

The city hosts the Cleveland County Fair every year at its fairgrounds. In addition to the county fair, a number of other events take place throughout the year and are worth checking out. This year the county fair will be held at the fairgrounds from September 28th – October 8th, so make sure you enjoy all the food, games, and rides!

Fact#5: Site Of The Livermush Exposition

Another annual event hosted by the city is the Livermush Exposition. This event showcases a southern food that is made out pig liver, corn meal, and spice. The city has hosted the Livermush Expo since 1987 celebrate the unique delicacy. This year the Expo will be held Friday, October 20th and Saturday, October 21st in Uptown Shelby around the historic Court Square!

Fact#6: Host of The American Legion Baseball World Series

This small city hosts American Legion Baseball World Series event every year. The world series is played at the local high school which has a capacity of over 5,500 spectators. This year’s world series game will be the 91st Annual event and is coming up this week from August 10th – August 15th!

Fact#7: Shelby Hamfest

Every year on the Labor Day weekend, the town hosts Hamfest. This event celebrates hams and has plenty of ham vendors and sellers. Check it out if you are in the area during Labor Day.

Fact#8: The Earl Scruggs Center

Another famous musician from Cleveland County is Earl Scruggs. Although he was born in another town, you will find the Earl Scruggs Center here. It has exhibits on the musician and the banjo instrument.

Shelby, North Carolina is a small out of the way town that is surprisingly packed with attractions. Take a look at some of the historic sites, visit the music museums and hop in on a particular event or amateur world series if you are here. Renaldo Honda is proud to serve the great people of Shelby, North Carolina and is here for all of your automotive needs!