Attend Tim Shelton’s ‘A Very Vintage Christmas’ At The Don Gibson Theatre

Vintage Christmas

When you think of Christmas music, what comes to mind? Probably not the music of today. You think of the music of the bygone era of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Unfortunately, though, most performers put a modern spin on the music, and something is lost in translation. That’s what makes Tim Shelton’s “A Very Vintage Christmas” so special. Tim Shelton will take you back to that time and perform the music the way it was intended to be performed. Shelton and his 11-piece band will be at the Don Gibson Theatre on Dec. 14. You can pick up a ticket to this show for $10–$20, and they are on sale now.

Listen to the Best Christmas Music

Tim Shelton will perform the most popular holiday songs, including “Let It Snow” and “O Holy Night.” He uses the same style as the original performers, so you will feel swept away to a time gone by. You will love his smooth vocals on the hit songs, and the 11-piece band will fill the entire theater.

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The Birth of “A Very Vintage Christmas”

Before “A Very Vintage Christmas,” Tim Shelton was most known for his role in NewFound Road. The bluegrass group received a lot of accolades, and no one would have blamed Shelton if he continued to enjoy the comfort of that success. However, he did a small Christmas tour a few years ago and really enjoyed himself. He had fun performing Christmas songs and realized he’d found his calling. It wasn’t long before he decided to do an even bigger Christmas show. He took some time finding all his favorite songs from the ‘40s through the ‘60s. Then, he built this new show that is basically a recreation of the bygone era.

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