How To: Use the Summer Sun to Get This Cool Tie-Dye Look

Girl in Tie-Dye Shirt

Everyone knows that tie-dye looks are timeless. But sometimes it can make a really big mess, and take way too much time. With this DIY tie-dye method, you just let the summer sun do its work! Follow these simple directions and you’ll be sporting a new, cool style by the end of the afternoon. It’s a fun experience for both adults and children. You’ll make some fun new memories along the way.

What You’ll Need for Your Tie-Dyed Shirt:

  • 1 White shirt for each person in the appropriate sizes  (new or old)
  • 1 Baking sheet
  • 1 Cooking rack
  • Bag of Ice
  • Powdered dye in the colors of your choosing


Step 1: Lay your baking sheet and cooking rack outside. Make sure it is in a place where it will get a lot of direct sunlight. The best time of day to do this project is midday-afternoon.

Step 2: Put our shirt on top of the cooking rack and crinkle it up. You don’t want any of it to be laying flat. The more crinkles, the better.

Step 3: Cover the shirt in ice. Make sure most of the shirt has ice sitting on it. try to make it the as evenly covered as possible.

Step 4: Then, pour your powdered dye in any pattern you want over the ice. The dye will show up on the shirt in a very similar pattern to the way you pour it over the ice. You can do stripes or circles or even randomly sprinkle the dye! Leave it up to your creativity.

Step 5: Let the summer sun do its work! As the ice melts, the color will transfer onto your shirt! Once it’s all completely melted, wash off the excess and you’ll be ready to sport this cool summer style. You’ll want to wash the shirt separately.

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