Experience The Dazzling ‘Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella’ Performance

Matthew Bourne's Cinderella

Think you know the story of Cinderella backward and forward? There’s a different Cinderella story you’ve yet to see. Watch “Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella” at Belk Theater at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. The show runs from Jan. 6 to 12, and prices start at $25. Grab your tickets to see this tale of a World War II-era Cinderella and a prince-like war hero.

A New Cinderella

Many people don’t realize this, but when Sergei Prokofiev was creating the score for the ballet “Cinderella,” the world was engaged in a brutal war. That could be why the score for the original “Cinderella” has an aggressive undertone. It was still magical, but it if you listen closely, you can feel the violence underneath it all. It has the rhythm of war even though it’s a fairytale.

That score lives on in “Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella,” but the story is different. Matthew Bourne took that powerful score and used it to create a story of love and war.

The prince is now an RAF pilot, and while the wicked step-family is still present, the two lovers have another, far greater obstacle in their way: war.

The couple has a magical night together, only to have it end with a bombing. Cinderella, clinging to life, is taken out in a stretcher, and the pilot is left to search for her.

As you can see, this isn’t a tale of glass slippers and princesses, but it still has that Cinderella feeling. You will fall in love with this retelling of a classic.

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Fully Developed Characters

It’s also worth noting that Matthew Bourne took the time to fully develop the characters, including the stepmother and stepsisters. In the past, these characters were essentially just shallow, spiteful people, but in this ballet, you get a better understanding of their motivations. Simply watching them express themselves through dance will give you a great deal of insight during the ballet.

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