Visit These Haunted Houses Near Shelby

Haunted Houses

What’s Halloween without some thrills and chills? Get into the Halloween spirit by visiting some haunted houses near Shelby. These are the scariest haunts around, so get ready to scream. You’ve been warned. Now, you have to enter at your own risk.

Booger Jim’s Hollow

When you visit Booger Jim’s Hollow in Blacksburg, you’ll start on a trail. See if you can make it through the shadowy forest that’s full of all of your biggest nightmares. If you do manage to make it to the end (and that’s a big if), you’ll also get to go through the haunted house. This is where things get really wild. You better hope you don’t run into Booger Jim inside of the house. Let’s just say he’s not a very nice guy.

He might not be nice, but the price sure is. You can experience the trail and the house for just $15.

Hickory Grove Haunted Trail

The Hickory Grove Haunted Trail in Gastonia sure brings the fear. You aren’t going to run into some silly Hollywood-style monster on this trail. No, the scares are first-rate, and you will find yourself screaming, even if you’re the type of person who never gets scared.

You can also walk this trail for just $15. Don’t be surprised if you try to bribe the guide with an extra $15 to show you a safe way out before you make it all the way through. It really is that scary. You’ll never walk through the woods again.

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The Haunted Pyramids

Just how brave are you? Are you brave enough to tackle four haunted houses in one location? That’s what you’ll get at The Haunted Pyramids in Lawndale. This year, it’s added the Carnival of Terror haunted house. This is the scariest show on the entire planet, and if you can make it out alive, you’ll earn some serious bragging rights.

If you want the best deal, get the season pass for $60. You can come every night The Haunted Pyramids are open. That’s 12 pulse-racing nights.

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