Discover The History Of ‘Scruggs Style’ At The Earl Scruggs Center

Earl Scruggs Center

If you love banjo music, you are probably pretty familiar with the “Scruggs style.” This three-finger style is the most popular way to play the banjo to this day, and musicians have Earl Scruggs to thank for it. Learn all about the “Scruggs style” and so much more by visiting the Earl Scruggs Center. General admission is $12, and seniors and college students get in for $8. Kids ages 6 to 17 get in for $5, and children 5 and under can tour the museum for free.

Get the details on the best exhibits the museum has to offer.

The Life of Earl Scruggs

When someone becomes famous, it’s easy to forget the work they had to put in to get to that point. This museum highlights the hardships Scruggs faced over the years. You’ll learn about the day jobs he had to take to make ends meet and how he had to pay his own expenses to perform. You’ll also learn how he finally developed the Scruggs style, and how that style led to the creation of bluegrass music and transformed the state of North Carolina and the entire South. Scruggs’ life story is truly heartwarming. You can see how people can overcome so much to leave their stamp on the world.

The Audio and Video Exhibits

The museum really comes to life at the audio and video exhibits. Plug into the audio exhibits to listen to bluegrass music, or use a two-dimensional touchscreen to select the genre, place, instrument, artist and time period. You can spend over an hour at the video screen alone, just listening to the music.

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Talk to the Docents

The docents really steal the show at this museum. They will tell you stories about the memorabilia and items in various parts of the museum. The docents have an unbelievable amount of information, and they really bring Scruggs and bluegrass music to life. They do an excellent job of filling in the gaps of information while entertaining visitors.

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