Fulfill Your Need For Speed And Get Ready For The New Cherokee Speedway Race Season

Cherokee Speedway

The 2018 season at the Cherokee Speedway was an exciting one, and you’ve been counting down the days to the 2019 season. Well, the countdown is almost over. The first open practice is on Feb. 17, and then things will get rolling in March. Get the details on what to watch for in 2019.

Sparks Parris – 2018’s Breakout Star

First, you’ll want to keep an eye on Gaffney native Sparks Parris. He made his debut with the Young Guns Division at the Cherokee Speedway halfway through the 2017 season. He may have only raced half a season, but he won four races and ended up in fifth place overall.

He continued with the Young Guns Division the following year, finishing third overall. He aged out of Young Guns by the end of the season and moved up to the Stock 4 class. The Stock 4 Class will make its season debut on March 3, so come out and cheer on the hometown boy.

The Young Guns – A Wild Ride

Parris might not be in the Young Guns Division anymore, but you’ll still want to see these guys and gals race. The Young Guns will come out for the first time on March 2, and it’s going to be a wild race. The racers are all under 18, but they are far from newbies. They push the limits and have some serious skills. It’s fun to watch the next generation gun it around the track, so stop by on race day.

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The Southern All-Star Dirt Racing Series

The Southern All-Star Dirt Racing Series is one of the most popular events around. There are over 20 races in all, and the racers compete on different tracks. The series opens at Cherokee Speedway on March 3. The winner will take home $12,000, so there is a lot at stake at this race. There are usually large crowds and lots of participants for the race, so get there early to secure a good seat.

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