Have Some Fun Today At The Challenger 3 Fun Zone

Challenger 3 Fun Zone

If you went to the Challenger 3 Fun Zone before 2015, you might not have been very impressed. Much of the park had shut down, so all you could do was play miniature golf. Some new owners changed that, though. The park became fully operational in 2015, and it hasn’t looked back. If you want some old-fashioned family fun, head to the park and get ready to have a blast.

Tee Up

The Challenger 3 Fun Zone has a miniature golf course as well as an 18-hole par three course. Both courses are suitable for all ages, so challenge your family to a round. Oh, and don’t worry about bringing your clubs, even if you want to play the 18-hole course. You can rent clubs and a pull cart at the facility.

Don’t have time for a full round? Hit the driving range. You can work on your long game at the range so you’ll be ready the next time you want to take on the full 18 holes.

Go for the Long Ball

Speaking of working on your long game, just imagine what you can do with a baseball bat. The batting cages are always a hot spot at the Challenger 3 Fun Zone. You can teach your kids how to hit a baseball, or you can jump in the cages yourself. You might even want to show off a little bit.

Hit the Arcade

Did your kids grow up playing PlayStation and Xbox? It’s time to show them how games used to be. The arcade has classic and modern games, and while the kids might have the upper hand on the modern ones, you can school them on the classics. They’ll be seriously impressed when they see you play those games with ease.

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Go-Karting Fun

Who doesn’t love riding on a go-kart? With three tracks to choose from, you can spend a good amount of time riding the go-karts. The slick coated track is the best of the three. You will slip and slide around this track, and if you come out the winner, you’ll have some serious bragging rights.

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