Get Moving at the Broad River Trail Run 5k & 10k

Broad River Trail Run

Do you love running? If so, you will absolutely love the Annual Broad River Trail Run. The run takes place on September 16 and includes a 5k and a 10k, so you can choose the one that fits your fitness level. During the run, you’ll go along scenic trails at the Broad River Greenway, including the Jolly Mountain Trail and the Wild Turkey Trail.

Check out some tips for trail running.

Dress the Part for the Broad River Trail Run

You likely have some standard running shoes that are perfect for concrete surfaces. They won’t work as well on the trails, though. Invest in a pair of trail running shoes that provide lateral support. These shoes support the ankles and feet so you are less likely to get hurt if you step on a root or a rock. Plus, they have rugged tread so you can maneuver through the trails even if it has just rained.

Pump Those Arms

Hills pose a real challenge on the trail. If you rely solely on your legs to carry you up the hills, you are going to lag behind the other runners. Pump your arms vertically when running up a hill on the trail. A vertical pumping motion will give you the power to move up the hill.

Maintain Your Balance

What goes up must come down, and you will find yourself running along some downhill stretches on the trail. If you don’t use the right technique, you could lose control, and might even wipe out. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to maintain your balance. Position your elbows away from your body just a bit, and make sure your torso remains tall. Your chest should be open and your shoulders should be relaxed. If you maintain this position, you will stay balanced during the downhill stretches.

Look Ahead

Obstacles are the name of the game when running on trails. Roots, rocks, and uneven dirt can all cause you to fall, so you need to maintain your focus. Keep your eyes trained a few steps ahead so you can navigate around obstacles if needed. Even losing focus for a second could be detrimental, so practice this before the race.

Don’t Be Afraid to Slow Down

It’s hard to maintain a constant pace when running on the trail. You might need to slow down from time to time, depending on the terrain. Let your body tell you how fast you should go, and don’t push it.

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