Book A Hot Air Balloon Ride With Bird’s Eye-Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon

Sure, you may have been in an airplane before, but you probably haven’t seen the world from above too many times. If you have ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, you’re in luck: Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides is offering affordable and scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides to the people of Shelby. If you’re interested in experiencing the joy of flight in a whole new way, book a ride with Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides today!

How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?

Hot Air Balloons use hot air inside of a giant balloon to float up into the sky. Since the air is heated, it becomes less dense than the air outside. Hot Air Balloon operators can heat and cool the air to help force the Balloon up or down. This provides passengers with amazing views of the surrounding landscape. If you’ve never taken part in a Hot Air Balloon Ride, book a ride today with Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides.

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Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides

If you want a luxurious hot air balloon experience, you can’t go wrong with Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides. While some hot air balloon operators will pack as many people into a basket as possible, they don’t do that here; instead, you will only share a basket with four other people. If you want even more privacy, you can opt for a private balloon ride. It’s the perfect romantic activity.

This place also focuses a lot on safety. It isn’t going to take you in the air if it’s dangerous to do so because it doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. The operators are also all FAA commercial pilots who have perfect safety records, so you can feel confident when you get into a balloon with them. North Carolina is the perfect backdrop for a Hot Air Balloon ride, you will have one of the most beautiful views imaginable when you fly with Bird’s-Eye Balloon Rides.

Most adventures last around three hours and take place during sunrise or sunset, making it the perfect date night plan.

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