5th Annual AmeriCarna Live Car Show

AmeriCarna LiveCar Show

If you love classic cars, then be sure to attend the 5th Annual AmeriCarna Live Car Show. As always, this car show will be hosted by the Evernham Family Racing for a Reason Foundation. Bring your car along or just head to the show to enjoy checking out the amazing models on display.

Date, Time, and Location

This year’s AmeriCarna Live Car Show will be held at Ingersoll Rand, specifically at the North American Corporate Headquarters, which is along 800 Beaty Street in Davidson, just a short drive from Shelby. Car entrants can get there at 7 a.m., while spectators are welcome to arrive starting at 10 a.m. The event will run until 4 p.m., giving you plenty of time to admire all the vehicles. This all takes place on Saturday, November 25, the calm weekend following Thanksgiving. The car show is co-presented by Ingersoll Rand with MSC Industrial Supply Co.


To get in on the event, you can register for $30. All of the proceeds from the event go to the Evernham Family Racing for a Reason Foundation. If you want to volunteer at the event, you can still sign up via the event website. While there, you will also see the option to get a discounted hotel rate that weekend if you plan on staying in Davidson.

What to Expect at the Event

While at the AmeriCarna Live Show, you can expect to see an incredible range of fun cars, including classics and more modern vehicles. You will find everything from classics to race cars to a combination of the two in the form of classic racecars. There will also be plenty of live music to keep the day of fun going along with special announcements. You may even get to find out how much the event raised to help IGNITE that very day. Don’t forget to bring your camera along or have your phone charged since you will likely want to take pictures of most of the vehicles on display.

Supporting IGNITE

As the profits of the event go to the Evernham Family Racing for a Reason Foundation, they will support the local IGNITE community center in Davidson. IGNITE is a place for young adults who have Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism. It is a community center with a reputation for “sparking passion” and “fueling aspirations,” making a big impact on the lives of its members.

While we can’t get you one of the vehicles from the AmeriCarna Live Car Show, the team at Renaldo Honda in Shelby, North Carolina, can help you find a fun vehicle to drive around town.